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The History

Edilver Ltd is a company working in the civil and industrial construction sectors, in the renewable sources sector, it gives services of maintenance and other services to the public administration.

ALTAIR Ltd is one of its shareholders with a market share of 60% and VERTI Silvia for the remaining 40% market share.

In April 2014 Edilver Ltd is merging with: TECNOEDIL Ltd a company with decades of experience in the field and IMPREDIL Ltd founded in 1972 as an individual enterprise it became Ltd in 1985.

The merge has created a stronger company with highbrow technical and organizational skills and the construction sector has extended its activities in public works such as construction of embankments, roads, squares, etc.

This strategic shift has led to the creation of a renewed company with certificates, a new outlook and important professional skills.

Next to come

Altair Group has implemented a strategic development plan nationwide both in the cemetery construction and in the cremations sector becoming recently a star attraction in Italy.

The experience gained following the main most important achievements brought to life the need to find a trustworthy construction company in possession of certifications and quality endorsements in order to become a reliable partner to cope together with the creation of new cemetery facilities (crematoria / investments in the cemetery sector).

Edilver Ltd is always present in A.T.I. in all the most important project financing initiatives led by Altair Ltd with the task to develop the execution planning and the building of the works.

This specific sector of the Edilver Ltd activity certainly represents the added value of the company.

In A.T.I. with Altair Ltd Edilver is awarded the planning, construction and management of several concessions throughout the country.

It is a must to highlight the wish of ALTAIR Ltd to carry out also along with EDILVER Ltd the investments in the renewable energy sector, above all the construction and management of hydroelectric plants.


EDILVER Ltd finds its place into the business group as a supplement that may also take advantage from the synergy with the other related companies.

EDILVER Ltd established in 2013 it closes its first annual financial statements with a profit given by the contract of performances of services with the VINAVIL group and other minor contracts; the new re-shaped EDILVER Ltd as a result from the reorganization and the profit acquired it can rely on an experienced personnel coming from a recruiting selection by TECNOEDIL Ltd and IMPREDIL Ltd; specifically:

  • Nr. 1 Excavator CAT 317
  • Nr. 1 Terna Komatsu WB70 Terna K
  • Nr. 2 Terne Volvo
  • Nr. 1 Truck Mercedes 2635 + Flatcar
  • Nr. 1 Truck IVECO Trakker c/gru
  • Nr. 2 Excavators of 50 and 95 q.
  • Nr. 1 Small exactor of 15 q.
  • Nr. 1 Small Shovel type Bobcat
  • Nr. 4 Building Cranes
  • Sq. m 5000 Scaffoldings
  • Sq. m 500 Casseri Armatura metallici
  • UNIMOG 1250, 1400, 140 e 1700

EDILVER Ltd in addition to the construction of civil and industrial building works is in the owner of equipment (mobile crusher, trucks and excavators) and authorizations (REGISTRATION TO No. 84 OF THE PROVINCIAL REGISTER – articles 214,216 of Law No. 152 / 2006 and AUTHORIZATION TO THE EXERCISE OF FRANTOIO MOBILE) for the recovery of not dangerous inactive waste R13 and R5.

This activity represents a sure source of saving and profit; it will be improved and developed as an accessory asset in order to improve the management of our yards and also as a service offered to third parties in the sight of the current request of transfer and treatment of inactive waste in the processing and storage sites.

Thanks to this specificity EDILVER Ltd as a partner and actively involved in the NETWORKING OF VCO DEVELOPMENT takes part in ATI with the general contractor TM.E S.p.A. for the assignment of the first batch of reclamation works in the SYNDIAL area of Pieve Vergonte.

EDILVER owns SOA certificates in the categories and classifications listed below following the contract of attestation concluded with SOA Nord Alpi Attestation Body S.p.A.

Category Classification
OG2 II-bis
OG12 I
OS24 I

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