gruppo altair
gruppo altair

Altair and the environment

Altair Group is environmentaly friendly, in fact only three years from its start-off it builds the first 100 Kwh power photovoltaic plant in Villadossola (VB) and then in Edilver, in Piacenza, in Rimini and in Serravalle Scrivia with a 160 KWH total power.
550 tons of CO2 have not been introduced in the air from the start-up of the plants thanks to the production of green energy.

And not only that... Thanks to a heat exchanger the plants of Brescia, Rimini, Modena, Trecate, Domodossola Cervignano del Friuli, Piacenza and Olbia take in the crematorium energy and turn it into heating purposes and water heating with an additional saving of 5 yearly tons in each complex for a total greater than 590 tons. And we continue to look ahead... A new photovoltaic plant will start-up in Civitavecchia with 10Kwh to add up to the saving of the Altair Group.

A wide network spreaded throughout Italy to provide quality customer service. “Altair Group” is that.

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