gruppo altair
gruppo altair

Construction Management

Since September 2012 thanks to the twenty-year experience acquired by the surveyor Mr Iacopino Vincenzo in the sector.

We deal with the trade of building materials and building products of all kinds, we can provide manufactured articles in cement or concrete for construction...

  • Wholesale and retail
  • All for DIY
  • Building Materials
  • Delivery in Italy and Switzerland
  • Ongoing sales consultancy

Eci Srl via Leonardo da Vinci, 28/A - 28859 Trontano (VB) - Tel. +39 0324.482597 Fax. +39 0324.062013 - Cel. +39 331.5063999 - www.eci.srl

For more information visit our website www.eci.srl.

A wide network spreaded throughout Italy to provide quality customer service. “Altair Group” is that.

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Registered office and administrative headquarters
  • Viale dell'Arcoveggio 74, 40129 Bologna (BO)
  • Tel: 051.4173959
  • Viale dell'Industria 22, 28844 Villadossola (VB)
  • Tel: 0324.46382
  • Fax: 0324.751053

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